All the students who are studying Master’s Degree in the UEF Business School on the Kuopio Campus are eligible to join Preemio, the student association of the local UEF business students. The subscription (45 €) is paid once only and the membership lasts until graduation. Preemio offers great counterbalance for studies by organizing different kind of parties and events, corporate excursions, academic traditions and supervision of the rights of business students. You can join Preemio via the website of The Finnish Business School Graduates (Suomen Ekonomit), a national interest group for business students. When you are a member of Preemio, you will also be a student member of The Finnish Business School Graduates and after graduation continue as a graduate member. After joining our association, you can pick up the Preemio sticker to your student ID from our office which is located in the Canthia building. The sticker enables you to have our member benefits which you can see listed at Preemiopoly

Nearly all business students at our campus are members of our huge family. Join our tight and cheerful pack at least to get all the great student discounts and other benefits we offer!

Join from here!