The Preemio Board 2018

The board of Preemio is selected for each calendar year by voting for active member candidates. The board organizes Preemio’s events and daily actions, but also develops the organization in the long term. If you have anything in mind, please leave a message. 


Aleksi Kinnunen,

Chairman of the Board

Valtteri Bovellan,

Vice Chairman and Secretary

Minna Nykänen,


Kalle Kattelus,

Academic Affairs and International Affairs

Jani Telatie,

Corporate Relations

Hanna Mikkonen,

Editor-in-Chief, the Riskipreemio magazine

Jarno Minkkinen,

Media and Communications

Teemu Huttunen,

NESU Chairman

Essi Lehikoinen,


Anni Huttunen,

Project Coordinator and Annual Ball


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