We believe that sports should also be included in the hectic student life. It is a great way to get to know other students outside of classes and therefore we arrange different kinds of sports events as well as regular meet-ups. In addition to Wappu Football and Green Card courses, Preemio has its own hockey club HC Preemio and a more general sports club PreLi.


The Preemio Sports Club, PreLi (Preemion Liikuntakerho), was established to coordinate the association’s sports activities and to arrange events and different sport trials for our members. The purpose of PreLi is simply to bring together students who are interested in sports.

All the members of Preemio are welcome to the club and there is no need for registration. The events and activities that are arranged on weekly and monthly basis are meant for everyone!

Join the Facebook group to keep yourself updated.


Contact persons:

Otto Grönroos, 044 525 1140
Kaaperi Sensio, 050 526 6413
Maija Kaivola, 044 098 0898
Kerttu Kutvonen, 044 281 5537



HC Preemio

HC Preemio is the Hockey Club of Preemio which was established in 2016 and it is fully run by the active players of the team. At the moment, the team practices two times a week on the “Sykettä hours” that are offered by the university. You do not have to have previous experience but you will need to have your own equipment. If you are interested in ice hockey and want to join a great team, please contact the players!



Preemio’s Wappu Football (May Day football/soccer tournament) is an open football tournament which is arranged once a year every April just before the 1st of May celebrations. It is meant for all different faculties and groups of friends so feel free to form a team of your own and join the crazy matches!

Green Card course is typically arranged in the spring. The members of Preemio have a possibility to get familiar with golf and complete a life-long Green Card at a student-friendly price.

PreLi’s trip to Ruka Spring Break was arranged the first time during the spring of 2018. The event is expected to take is place in our year calendar in the future as well, so stay tuned if you are interested in downhill skiing and partying!

Other events and activities are informed about on our Facebook group Preemiolaiset and you can also find them in our events calendar on the frontpage!



Sykettä (meaning a beat or heart beat) means the sport services for the students and staff members of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences and the University of Eastern Finland as well as students of HUMAK and Uniarts in Kuopio. At the centre there is a diverse sports calendar which features more than 60 weekly sports classes and takes into account all movers from beginners to more advanced. The goal is an active, social and healthy university community.

Find the Sykettä Sports Calendar and read more about their services here.